The Dreaded Streaks and Swirls

What is the #1 problem with rotationally molded granites?  Solve this problem with Winsell Granites!


Life with swirls in your Granite

Have you ever purchased some granite material from a company that did it as a troublesome “service” to the roto customers and it unfortunately didn’t work?

This is what happens when companies try to be the classic everything to everyone.  Instead of being great at compounding or excellent at distributing, some companies are determined, in their vanity, to be everything to everyone, which never works for very long.

A typical issue that arises when companies attempt this, is repeated technical failures due to lack of research.  If the efforts were put in to make a difference, new technologies would emerge, but alas, the “do it all” companies are at a serious disadvantage.  Their resources are spread too thin to become great.  There is no worry sharing this little tidbit because the strategic resources necesary to make the changes are consumed playing politics, surviving and writing endless reports to “the man”.

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Life with Winsell’s Granites

In our world, the customer IS “the man” and all of our best strategic energy is invested again and again in development of our products, the awesome Winsell Granites.  So for us, solving problems like swirling is second nature and a passion.  We wake up thinking about granites, we work all day on granites and talk about granites at night to our families.  It is all granites all the time every day, every week and every year!

Call us to grow your granite world 10X!

What could you do if you had 100% confidence in your granites?  Could you grow?  Or perhaps stop cringing when a customer brings up the subject of granites?  We focus on granite so you can focus on growing 10X!

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