You Go to the Bank – Creating Value for You

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You Go to the Bank $$ – Creating Value for You $$

If you are a rotational molder this is for you and is created to help you reach your goals.  The Winsell Granite product line is designed to help you go to the bank and prosper tremendously.  We are 100% focused on making the best granites possible so you can grow your business as much as possible.  A few of our customers feel like we’ve done just that for them.

This is for You

If you are a rotational molder, a consumer of rotationally molded products or a designer of rotationally molded products, read one to learn about how some of our customers have “Gone to the Bank” with Winsell Granites.

We are totally committed to Rotational Molding and Winsell Granites so much so that we sponsor an annual Student Product Design Competition.

This is what has happened with 3 of our customers.

  1. The company that went from hating resin suppliers to building their market entry strategy around products made with Winsell Granites. You might wonder, “How did this happen?”
  2. The company that grew to all time highs with a customer that could never get consistent granite supply.
  3. The company that was so happy we focused on granites they buy our products and ship it thousands of miles just to get it.

What are your needs and challenges?  Growth? ROI? New Product Development?  How can we help you grow?

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