Some vendors are fun to talk with…

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Why Winsell Granites?

Some vendors are fun to talk with…

Yes, there are some suppliers of rotationally molded granite effect colors that are just lots of fun to talk to but that’s where it starts and ends.

Someone really smart on our team recently said, “Hey, you can still play golf with those guys and have a drink, but buy the granites from the Winsell team because we are focused 100% on it.”


Here is what our customers tell us they are finding valuable with Winsell Granites.

The Winsell Granite Difference

  1. Great physical properties in molded parts
  2. Processes extremely well
  3. ALWAYS made with branded prime material, allowing for trouble-free processing 
  4. Color matching is very flexible
  5. Due to our proprietary formula, only HALF the material is required – reducing your inventory and costs
  6. Because of the quality systems used in our formulation, this granite is highly repeatable
  7. Quick turnarounds available (try us!)

Why does this matter?  Here is an example of an excellent product made with Winsell Granites.

Strong Spa

These items listed above can give you the confidence to take your products made with our materials into the marketplace and grow.

Coral Reef 14521

One customer has said, “We’ve never seen sales like this before in the entire history of our product line.”

Emsco Rain Barrel

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