Winsell Granites – Built for You!

Proven Winsell Granites – Built for you!

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This entire Winsell Granite business is set up for you if you are a small to medium sized rotational molder, product designer or a user of larger volumes of rotational molding granites.

Here are some of the things our Granites can do for you like the products shown here.

KolorcanEmsco Rock Emsco Rain BarrelEco Fairy Garden


The Winsell Granite Difference

  1. Great physical properties in molded parts
  2. Processes extremely well
  3. ALWAYS made with branded prime material, allowing for trouble-free processing 
  4. Color matching is very flexible
  5. Due to our proprietary formula, only HALF the material is required – reducing your inventory and costs
  6. Because of the quality systems used in our formulation, this granite is highly repeatable
  7. Quick turnarounds available (try us!)

No One Else Does This with 100% focus!


Cellofoam Jet Dock

Our customers tell us these things have made a big difference for their bottom line and their ability to grow.  They tell us their situation has really changed from bad to good.

7 bad

Customer before  Winsell Granites

5 good

Customer after Winsell Granites – on top of the world!

Granites for plastics

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