Winsell vs. The Field

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That’s right, the entire field of competitors tried and failed multiple times.  The customer tried desperately to get a solution that worked.

It was game on.  If you were placing a bet it would sound like, “Who do you take, Winsell or the field?”

Prior to Winsell getting involved this customer got off colors, swirls, fines, quitting and apparently not enough creativity.  He said he had tried this 10+ times before Winsell was helping.  He was dealing with an Epic Failure.

23 bad

This type of result is especially important if you are a small to medium sized rotational molder or designing for a niche product.

Winsell is set up to service the small to medium sized molder with match speed, match quality and product quality.  You don’t need to fear The Horror of a Granite color request any longer.

The Horror

We are 100% committed to the business of making Granite Products for the Rotational Molding industry.


Our granite products are used in the home and garden industry, consumer products, marine, and many others.

Monzonite Chip 13163 Bumblebee 13160 Coral Reef 14521 Jungle Camo Chip Chip 14809 LP Sandstone 14883 2 Temple 11929

High Country Small Bowl

Granites for plastics

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