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They said it’s their best year ever!

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It’s Their Best Year Ever!

How did they do it?  We all seem to want the best year ever.  Curious?  Read on to find out why it happened.

One of our best customers is having their best year ever.  According to them it is in part because of their success with Winsell Granites.  Also credit is due to the molder that is doing a tremendous job.  Shouldn’t this be your story next?  Read on and then give us a call!

They were really struggling before we began working together.  Maybe they even felt like this fella shown below.  They felt just like this, banging their head against the wall because they couldn’t get enough product fast enough that looked the same each time!  Why put up with the brick wall?  Why put up with the pain?

a man banging his head agaist the wall in frustration

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The Big Hollow TM!


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The Big Hollow Plastic Solution!

Industrial Designers of IDSA, look no further for great looking large hollow plastic parts.  We like to call it The Big Hollow TM.  These big products are made using the amazing rotational molding process.  The Granite materials Winsell offers are specifically designed for this versitile rotational molding process.

Strong Spa

Here is another really big part made with Winsell Granites.  Big or small, our granites can help your proprietary products sell more successfully with increasing margins.

Cellofoam Jet Dock

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Your Product Development Your New Granite


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Your Product Development Your New Granite

8 good

Your product development with Winsell Granites specifically designed for your application is a phone call away.

Rotational molding and new product innovation are improved greatly with the right material.  This article is about the right material, Winsell Granites.

The Winsell Granites continue to solve tough problems, create value and help our customers and designers chart a new path to growth.

Product designers can now incorporate color up front in their creative to expand options for design.  Read on to find out how.

This is the moment when picking up the phone can calling is the right thing to do.  Listen to your first impression!

330.836.7421 Winsell Granite Hotline!


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Matching Your Rotationally Molded Granite

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Oh NO!  A dreaded granite match – I am scared to Death!!!!!

12 bad

We keep swimming into deep water…it’s become a habit of ours.

Granites may scare the daylights out of you.  You might hate running granites.  You might even cringe uncontrollably when your customer brings up the dreaded word, Granites! Continue reading Matching Your Rotationally Molded Granite



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Winsell Granites – We Do Granites for Plastic Rotational Molding

All of our strategic energy is directed to innovation and improvement of the plastic granite molding compounds we make for rotational molding.  We take this so seriously that we created a statement to express our total focus.

Winsell’s 100% Focus