They said it’s their best year ever!

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It’s Their Best Year Ever!

How did they do it?  We all seem to want the best year ever.  Curious?  Read on to find out why it happened.

One of our best customers is having their best year ever.  According to them it is in part because of their success with Winsell Granites.  Also credit is due to the molder that is doing a tremendous job.  Shouldn’t this be your story next?  Read on and then give us a call!

They were really struggling before we began working together.  Maybe they even felt like this fella shown below.  They felt just like this, banging their head against the wall because they couldn’t get enough product fast enough that looked the same each time!  Why put up with the brick wall?  Why put up with the pain?

a man banging his head agaist the wall in frustration

They Were Really Just Stuck!

They knew their proprietary product was really good but just couldn’t get the raw materials they needed in a timely manner to really take it to the next level.  They made all the necessary calculations and just couldn’t get there.  They kept asking the frustrating question, “What are we supposed to do to increase profits?”

Thinking about cost and mfg

Emsco Rain BarrelEmsco Rock

What was the essential difference?  They eliminated their #1 concern and that has made all the difference!  According to them and not surprisingly, they sighted many of the items from the list found on our website.

The Winsell Granite Difference

  1. Great physical properties in molded parts
  2. Processes extremely well
  3. ALWAYS made with branded prime material, allowing for trouble-free processing
  4. Color matching is very flexible
  5. Due to our proprietary formula, only HALF the material is required – reducing your inventory and costs
  6. Because of the quality systems used in our formulation, this granite is highly repeatable
  7. Quick turnarounds available (try us!)

Now they are feeling more like this happy fella!

Portrait of an ambitious young businessman standing with his arms folded in an officehttp://

Why wait?  Call us now to grow by adding Winsell Granites to your already awesome rotationally molded products!!  GROW WITH WINSELL!  Wouldn’t you like this to be your story?

6 Granites

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Granites for plastics

A few products made with Winsell Granites.


Strong Spa 1

Millstone above, Monzonite below.

Polimeros Water Tank & Stool

This could be your new product.

Sanstone, Monzonite and Light granite shown below.

Seljan Group of Trash Cans 2

Or this could be your new product.


Sandstone shown above and below.

Eco Fairy Garden

Kolorcan green

Light Granite with colorant.  Ask us how!  330.836.7421.

Broken Pot Monzonite

Monzonite shown above Sandstone below.


Granite Chips stacked

Granites for plastics