The Big Hollow TM!


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The Big Hollow Plastic Solution!

Industrial Designers of IDSA, look no further for great looking large hollow plastic parts.  We like to call it The Big Hollow TM.  These big products are made using the amazing rotational molding process.  The Granite materials Winsell offers are specifically designed for this versitile rotational molding process.

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Here is another really big part made with Winsell Granites.  Big or small, our granites can help your proprietary products sell more successfully with increasing margins.

Cellofoam Jet Dock

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Frustration? Without curb appeal, product design can be miserable especially when designing a really big plastic product.  Don’t let the frustration get to you until you blow your stack!  Just call us 330.836.7421.

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Just when a fantastic shape is created and the use is clearly identified, being stuck with a solid color is boring.  Scratching your head and unclear about what to do next?  Call us at 330.836.7421 for help!

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Very often, the last thing designers are thinking about is the color!  Color sells!

LP Sandstone 14883 2Jungle Camo ChipMonzonite Chip 13163

Especially when it is Winsell’s stone-effect or granite-effect colorants for rotational molding.

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Granites for plastics

Eco Fairy Garden

Call Us Now to help your Big Hollow Parts look great! 330.836.7421

Fun colors for summertime designs or early autumn!

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