Our Deep Gratitude for You & Our Gratitude for Winsell Granites

Our Deep Gratitude for You & Our Gratitude for Winsell Granites

Our hearts are filled with deep gratitude for you, our customers, the ultimate Winsell Granite business and participants in the Winsell Student Roto Product Design Competition.  We appreciate you.  We love making Winsell Granites for proven and new customers.

Cicero said, “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.”Certainly this is the case with our sincere feelings for our customers and for the Winsell Granite Product Line.

The Winsell Granite Products started with a humble beginning, a simple request from a customer.  They were telling us about the good job we did for them with other products and they kept asking for a really good granite.  That was many years ago.

Research & Development Success

Research & Development started on day one and continues today.  We are constantly investing in our products to make the best possible granites we can.  We see no end to this product improvement process.

We continue to receive new requests for new granite colors meeting the needs of our customers and matching their vision for product development.  We have made many customer products for new customers, existing customers and international customers.  We love to create and innovate.  How can we help you?

Our customers have are used to getting the guarantee of great products with every shipment.

You Grow With Winsell Granites

How often is consistent supply essential to growth?  If you can get the material you need in a timely manner, how essential is this to your success?  A couple questions, if answered correctly can make all the difference.

How to have your best year ever!

The 7 Reasons Our Customers Told Us They Use Winsell Granites

  1. Great physical properties in molded parts
  2. Processes extremely well
  3. ALWAYS made with branded prime material, allowing for trouble-free processing
  4. Color matching is very flexible
  5. Due to our proprietary formula, only HALF the material is required – reducing your inventory and costs
  6. Because of the quality systems used in our formulation, this granite is highly repeatable
  7. Quick turnarounds available

How can we help you increase your freedom?

We can match your granite color.

Avoiding streaks & swirls.

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