Matching Your Rotationally Molded Granite

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Oh NO!  A dreaded granite match – I am scared to Death!!!!!

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We keep swimming into deep water…it’s become a habit of ours.

Granites may scare the daylights out of you.  You might hate running granites.  You might even cringe uncontrollably when your customer brings up the dreaded word, Granites!

So there you are, stuck trying to get a granite color matched for your rotational molding customer.  What a nightmare!  Well, it used to be a nightmare…

Recently we were given 11 granite matches on the same day.  One week later we had some very good options for all of these.

The customers were shocked at our total commitment to helping them especially in the light of their previous experiences.

One customer said, “We know that your responsiveness is something we can count on.  We can’t even get an answer out of our current supplier.”

5 Granite Colors

Then another member of their team said, “These will work for us.  I’m sending you another one.”

Seljan Group of Trash Cans 2

We are 100% committed to the granite business for rotational molding and determined to keep making progress every day.

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