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Winsell Granites – We Do Granites for Plastic Rotational Molding

All of our strategic energy is directed to innovation and improvement of the plastic granite molding compounds we make for rotational molding.  We take this so seriously that we created a statement to express our total focus.

Winsell’s 100% Focus

“We do plastic granites for rotational molding.  We are focused exclusively on solving granite problems.  We know we do it well and we can do it much, much better.  Through continuous innovation and many hours of research, we’ve been able to solve and create excellent products again and again.  Our dedication to becoming the best producer of granites will continue to lead us to exponential improvements as we strive to create value for our customers.”

Why are we doing this?

We know that the more we learn about our products and what you need, the future is yours.  You can benefit from our focus as you strive to grow your business each day.  Let us focus on making the very best granites while you sell more fantastic products.

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Granites for plastics

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