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The Big Hollow TM!


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The Big Hollow Plastic Solution!

Industrial Designers of IDSA, look no further for great looking large hollow plastic parts.  We like to call it The Big Hollow TM.  These big products are made using the amazing rotational molding process.  The Granite materials Winsell offers are specifically designed for this versitile rotational molding process.

Strong Spa

Here is another really big part made with Winsell Granites.  Big or small, our granites can help your proprietary products sell more successfully with increasing margins.

Cellofoam Jet Dock

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Some vendors are fun to talk with…

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Why Winsell Granites?

Some vendors are fun to talk with…

Yes, there are some suppliers of rotationally molded granite effect colors that are just lots of fun to talk to but that’s where it starts and ends.

Someone really smart on our team recently said, “Hey, you can still play golf with those guys and have a drink, but buy the granites from the Winsell team because we are focused 100% on it.” Continue reading Some vendors are fun to talk with…