Your Product Development Your New Granite


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Your Product Development Your New Granite

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Your product development with Winsell Granites specifically designed for your application is a phone call away.

Rotational molding and new product innovation are improved greatly with the right material.  This article is about the right material, Winsell Granites.

The Winsell Granites continue to solve tough problems, create value and help our customers and designers chart a new path to growth.

Product designers can now incorporate color up front in their creative to expand options for design.  Read on to find out how.

This is the moment when picking up the phone can calling is the right thing to do.  Listen to your first impression!

330.836.7421 Winsell Granite Hotline!


We take the idea of product development so seriously that we sponsor a Rotationally Molded Product Design Competition.  The competition is student-based and the ideas and talent are inspiring.

Winsell Rotationally Molded Product Design Competition

Boost Your New Product Confidence

Your granite product development can be greatly advanced by the hundreds of granite formulas we already have.  We may already have a formula that great works for you and your application.

Here’s an example of our product used in a fancy waste receptacleKolorcan

Many of our customers send us a target sample of what they need.  You can send us some powder or a cut off molded sample and we can match it for you.

LP Sandstone 14883 2

High Country Small Bowl

Send your sample target to the address below!

Winsell Granites, 1720 Merriman Road #J, Akron, Ohio 44313

Coral Reef 14521

Winsell Facebook Page


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Check out our Student Product Design Competition.


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